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What happens when I've paid for my course?

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Have a look at 'How it works'. This will take you through the steps of signing up and completing a course. 


What if I've chosen the wrong course?

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Talk to us!! We will try our best to re-direct you and make the best of  your choices.  


Where can I find my certificate / proof of completion?

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At the end of the course you can find your certificate. Make sure every box is checked, or the certificate is not available. Mostly you have to fill in the feedback form before you can download the certificate. 

Click on the certificate: 

Than you can click on "View certificate: 

The certificate will be downloaded and can be found in your download folder.  

Note: De date on the certificate will be the date you download the certificate. 


Why can't I log in?

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When you have problems logging into your account you could try the following:

If you created a new account, an email was send to you for confirmation. Check your email. 

Note: The email might have ended up in the spam box!

Confirm by clicking on the link in the email.

Then you will get the following screen, and have successfully created a new account.