The ANIVADO website will work on any of the following operating systems:

Microsoft - Windows, Apple - OS. 

We recommend using Safari, Chrome and Firefox as browsers to follow our courses on a desktop (PC, Mac). Phones can play videos from the ANIVADO website but ANIVADO designs its courses for desktop use. Phones/Tablets are often not suitable for making quizzes & assignments.

In order to follow the ANIVADO courses you require the following:

  • Regular access to a computer, screen, keyboard and mouse (or equivalent) and speakers/headset, with sufficient memory capacity, stable internet connection and speed for video-streaming of our lectures.
  • Use of updated software and operating systems.
  • We recommend a broadband internet connection.
  • We also recommend a 'healthy' learning environment - some tips can be found here.

For submission of assessments, if relevant, a basic word-processing package is required and in certain cases access to a calculator package (like Excel) is required. If you do not have either on your computer, we can recommend 'open source' packages to you.

Last modified: Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 12:48 PM