Equivado is the point of contact for advice, scientific and applied research and education in horse nutrition and health for companies, educational institutions, veterinarians and horse professionals.

Equivado is represented by Dr. David van Doorn PhD. David obtained a bachelor's degree in animal husbandry from the School for Higher Agricultural Education (Delft, 1998). In 2000, he obtained a master's degree in Animal Science from Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR). In 2001 he started working part-time in the equine nutrition industry. In 2001 he also started his PhD-project entitled “Equine phosphorus absorption and excretion” at the Nutrition Department of Utrecht University (NL). After his PhD defence in 2003, he continued working in the equine industry. Since the start of the “European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress David has been responsible for the organisation of this congress. Equivado offers equine nutrition consultancy for (Dutch & Flemish) horse communities and offers business2business solutions related to equine nutrition research and education for companies worldwide.  

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