ANIVADO offers 5 levels of courses from 'starter' to 'specialist expert' understanding. These are described in the table below. It is important that you pick the correct entry-level for your first course. Even if you have a higher qualification, you may have studied a long time ago and could benefit from updating your knowledge and easing more gently back into learning. If you are in any doubt please contact our team to discuss your options or you may find your answer here.


  *various International Qualification Markers are included in this table.

All courses are delivered through Modules which in turn contain smaller Sub-units. There is no set number of Modules per course or a set number of Units per Module. Level 1-3 Courses will generally contain 4-8 Modules. Higher levels may contain fewer Modules. A level 5 course may focus on a very specific topic and may contain only 1 - 2 Modules. To see course overviews with the number of modules and module headings go to our courses in the main menu.

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