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David van Doorn

Andrea D. Ellis

Lydia Trouborst - van Doorn


Director ANIVADO 

Lecturer ANIVADO

Content Manager & Developer ANIVADO

David van Doorn PhD is director and founder of EQUIVADO and ANIVADO.  ANIVADO represents the online education platform and online education activities that David performs in cooperation with other experts. The website and name " EQUIVADO" represent David's equine nutrition consultant activities.


Dr Andrea Ellis is a renowned equine scientist, who has had horses in her blood from an early age both as an artist and scientist. She freely admits that she occasionally missed her first two school lessons and secretly went to see the training sessions at the Spanish Horse Riding School near her home in Vienna.

Andrea's early research focused on food intake behaviour and nutrient digestion in horses and sheep, and set her on a path of becoming a specialist in equine nutrition and behaviour. After working as a Scientific Researcher at the Research Institute for Applied Husbandry, Wageningen University Research, The Netherlands, for four years, she joined Nottingham Trent University as Senior Lecturer, where she led the design of the MSc in Equine Health and Welfare, and was Programme Leader of this course. 


Lydia studied Animal Care & Management at the Groenhorst College, Barneveld, the Netherlands from 1997-1998. During her education she worked part-time as an animal care keeper in a boarding kennel. After that, she worked as an Animal Carer in Rotterdam "Blijdorp" Zoo. 

From 1999-2014 Lydia has been working in the human resource & management at the local government of Rotterdam. In 2014 she shifted her career to go back to her roots and started as a Content Manager & Developer of the ANIVADO platform. 

Esther Peek

Roseanne Minderhoud

Carolien Munsters


Junior Consultant Equine Nutrition & 

Content Development Manager ANIVADO

Junior Consultant Equine Nutrition & 

Content Developer ANIVADO

Lecturer ANIVADO 

Expert in Equine Sport Physiology

Esther Peek BSc studied Applied Biology at HAS University in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. She chose the minor Applied Animal Science and graduated in 2019. Esther got in contact with ANIVADO when she did a project about horse nutrition in 2014. In 2015 she followed an internship at the equine clinic in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. During this internship Esther found her passion for equine nutrition. In 2017 she did a project in mastication behaviour in horses. Esther joined the ANIVADO team in 2018 as Junior Consultant Equine Nutrition & Content Development Manager.

Roseanne Minderhoud (MSc) finished the bachelor Applied Biology at HAS University 's-Hertogenbosch in 2018 and the master Animal Sciences at Wageningen University in 2020, with a double specialisation: Animal Nutrition & Adaptation Physiology. She joined the Anivado/Equivado team in 2020 as a content developer and junior consultant equine nutrition. She works with high-level performance riders such as Sanne Voets (paralympic gold medalist). She has also been involved in the monitoring of the French Olympic dressage and show jumping teams towards Tokyo together with Equine Integration.

Dr. Carolien Munsters holds a MSc in biology and worked as a senior project manager at the Equine Fieldlab at the Dutch Equestrian Centre. In 2010 she started Moxie Sport Analysis and Coaching, where she combines "research knowledge with (top)sport analysis to guide and support equine athletes, trainers and coaches”. In 2013 she completed her PhD on workload, fitness and welfare of riding horses at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University. 

She is the official advisor for the Olympic eventing team regarding exercise testing and training programs for more than 8 years and guided the riders and horses towards the Olympic games in London and Rio. In addition, she advises and guides several international and national riders (eventing, dressage, show jumping, carriage driving, endurance) on how to optimise their training program for their horses. In preparation for numerous European and World championships she analyses the fitness of sport horses (and teams) and helps them to construct an optimal training program towards their championships. Continues monitoring of all training sessions and competitions of these horses is her main focus as in this way training programs can be maintained most optimal for horse and rider. 

In addition, she gives also numerous courses about equine exercise physiology as a certified lecturer of riders, trainers, physiotherapists and veterinarians and conducts several research projects in collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University.

Machteld van Dierendonck

Coby Bolger

Luna Gutiérrez Cepeda


Lecturer ANIVADO &

 Expert in Equine Behavior and Welfare

ANIVADO Spanish Translation manager 

 ANIVADO Spanish language coordinator 

Dr Machteld van Dierendonck has been working as a behaviour specialist, scientist and practitioner in the field of (equine) behaviour and welfare (assessments) for the last 15 -20 years. She started worked for the Equine Clinic of the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht The Netherlands in 2001, since 2016 she founded and works as the clinical ethology specialist at the Equine Behavioural Referral Clinic at the same faculty.

Besides these functions she has established her own Equine Clinical Ethological referral practice Equus Research & Therapy. Since 2012 she is a part-time visiting professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine both in Ghent and Antwerp, for courses in (equine) Ethology and Animal Welfare.

In 2010 she became board certified as an associate of the ECAWBM as (Equine) Veterinary Behaviour Specialist; in 2013 she became also associate for the subspecialty Animal Welfare Science-Ethics-Law. Her current work mainly consists of research, teaching (graduates and postgraduates), and treating equine patients with (additional) behaviour problems. In scientific research, the current focus is on measuring welfare in horses (at individual and farm level) and pain and pain assessment in horses and donkeys (EPWA app). She now has> 30 peer-reviewed publications to her name and several scientific book chapters. She is a founding member of ISES (International Society of Equitation Science).

Coby Bolger is committed to the health, welfare and performance of the domestic horse and developing communication strategies to make this information easily available to horse enthusiasts.

An experienced rider and specialist in equine nutrition and fitness for over 20 years, Coby works with prestigious investigative scientists in the United States and Europe, teaching, conducting studies and developing best practice strategies for equine management.

As an equine nutritionist, Coby Bolger works daily with equine vets, horse owners, breeders and feed mills to develop science-based rations and exercise strategies according to designated objectives.

Trained, through numerous courses, hands-on studies, conferences and research projects, in the United States through Kentucky Equine Research, in the UK with Waltham Equine Studies Group and through the European Workshop for Equine Nutrition (EWEN) among others, Coby Bolger has worked to increase the knowledge base of equine nutrition in Spain. Over the past 20 years with this objective, she has published books, carried out scientific studies focused on foal growth, gastric ulcers and other topics and spoken as a guest lecturer at universities, conferences, clinics, radio and television shows.

Luna Gutiérrez Cepeda (DVM, MSc, PhD) is an optimistic, creative and versatile person. She graduated as a Veterinarian (DVM) in 2007 but she has carried on studying and developing my skills in areas such as research, clinics, education and management. She has a PhD in Veterinary Medicine and two Masters Degrees: Veterinary Research Science and Equine Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. She combines her work as a consultant in Horse1-Centro de Nutrición Equina with her position as part-time professor in the Veterinary Faculty of the University Complutense of Madrid and her private practice as an Equine Practitioner. She is the head of the Animal Physiotherapy Postgraduated Programs of the University Complutense of Madrid. And above all, she loves horses and has created with them a strong bond of mutual help. She is communicative and good at coordinating teams and establishing interconnections between people and between skills, thereby facilitating new paths. Her goal is never to stop growing in all aspects, and be able to integrate and transmit all these issues with passion and purpose.

Michael Lindinger

Lecturer ANIVADO & 

Expert in Equine Sport Physiology

Dr. Lindinger was trained as a comparative animal physiologist, obtaining the BSc from the University of Victoria in 1980 and the MSc from McMaster University (Biology) in 1983. In Dec. 1983 he joined the Dept. of Medical Sciences as a PhD candidate and conducted exercise biochemistry and physiology research in the Cardio-Respiratory Unit with George Hiegenhauser and Norman Jones. This was followed by a post-doc at the University of Hannover, Germany, and a faculty position at the University of Guelph in Canada in Nov. 1987.

In his 25 years at Guelph Dr. Lindinger conducted research in the areas of exercise physiology, muscle physiology, nutrition and nutraceuticals and whole body acid-base physiology on humans, horses, mice, rats, cattle, sheep. His research with horses began in 1992 with a series of investigations examining water and electrolyte losses, and recovery, in endurance horses. He was part of the international research effort, following the catastrophic heat of the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, to understand heat stress and heat adaptation in horses, and led the University of Guelph research effort. This led to a new understanding and appreciation for how heat affected horses and, as a result of this and related research in the US and UK, led to modifications of the equine three-day eventing course at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

He has studied more than 800 individual horses over the course of his many studies in different areas of equine physiology, joint disease, nutraceuticals. After his retirement from Guelph (after 25 years) he became a partner in the Nutraceutical Alliance, a nutraceuticals consulting organization, and currently serves as President. In addition to his consulting work, he continues his research collaborations on horses and humans with colleagues around the world. He has taught, and lectured, extensively on these research topics and is most happy to be contributing to the high-level educational efforts of Anivado. His research contributions can be found in Google Scholar and Pubmed.

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