ANIVADO is a platform for online courses related to equine nutrition, health, behaviour and performance but will offer also courses related to other animal species and subjects in the future.

The ANIVADO platform provides the opportunity to combine knowledge from different experts and transfer this knowledge to a national and international audience.

For whom is Anivado?

For students, scientists, professionals and owners of animals.

Who founded ANIVADO?

ANIVADO has been founded by Dr Ing D.A. van Doorn MSc, Equine Nutrition Consultant. Under the trademark EQUIVADO he offers various services related to equine nutrition & health. If you would like to obtain more information regarding the services of EQUIVADO please click here.

Mission - Knowledge transfer

  • ANIVADO offers a platform for knowledge transfer and learning opportunities brought together by a variety of worldwide specialists.  
  • We provide this platform for courses and services in the area of Animal Science & Biology, Health, Nutrition, Behaviour and related topics.  
  • Our mission is to improve, refresh and update the understanding of these and to transfer scientific knowledge at all levels for practical application in Animal Husbandry and Welfare. 

There is no truth - only the journey to seek it. 

Within science and research,  knowledge and its boundaries are constantly shifting, expanding and being reviewed and thus the 'concept' of absolute truths must always be challenged.  The ANIVADO philosophy fully embraces these shifts, discussions and consequent differences in opinions with an open mind.  The hand-picked experts represented on our site are well respected within their scientific communities and have a high level of qualifications as well as industry and practical experience. Our aim is to provide the best quality courses and resources for our learning community and to retain an open mind on scholarly discussions based on scientific evidence and principles. 

Last modified: Friday, 4 March 2022, 11:51 AM