Global Equine Nutrition I (Anivado Level 3) gives an in-depth grounding in Equine Nutrition Science for those with previous basic knowledge in equine or animal nutrition with a view of feeding horses in different zones around the world. Modules underpin theoretical knowledge of digestive physiology and processes leading to an in-depth grounding in Ration Calculation and Evaluation. It forms the perfect basis for those looking to refresh their latest understanding and knowledge. This course is aimed at a study level of final year Bachelor degree or first year of a Masters Course and is brought to you by Dr. David van Doorn (ANIVADO) and Dr. Andrea Ellis (UNEQUI).

Modules will include: Ingestive Behaviour, Feed Chemistry and Technology, Digestive Physiology and Ration Calculation Basics 


After purchasing the course, you have 270 days to complete the course.

This course is entirely in English. Do you want to buy the English-Spanish version? Click here.

Accreditation: This online course has been accredited with 144 PE points for continuing education (horses) by PE-online. PE- veterinarians is the organization who on behalf of the Dutch Royal Society of Veterinary Medicine (KNMvD) accredits live and online education activities for vets.

Global Equine Nutrition I – Part C: Basic Ration Evaluation

Do you have sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of equine nutrition, and only want to learn about ration calculation in horses and learn to work with an online ration program? Then purchase "Global Equine Nutrition I - Part C: Basic Ration Evaluation", these are the last 3 modules of the full Global Equine Nutrition I course. 

At this time, only Global Equine Nutrition I - Part C: Basic Ration Evaluation (English) can be purchased as a separate part. We hope to be able to offer Parts A and B separately in the future. If you have the knowledge offered in Part A, you can skip Part A and start directly with Part B: Equine Nutrient Requirements & Energy Systems.

You need to assess by yourself, based on the Course Details, if you have sufficient knowledge to follow Part C. In doubt? Then use the decision tree below or email us:


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